30 Years Roasting with Shaws Catering

Gary Moreau throws a GREAT party. For the past 30 years he has hosted an annual pig roast to the absolute delight of friends and family. The promise of music, games, delicious roast pork and beverages draws a large crowd every year. Some years the guest list has reached over 500 people. We have had the honour and distinct pleasure of being involved in every single one and this year marks Gary’s 30th year roasting with Shaws Catering.

We first met Gary in 1994, just three years after we launched “Party Pigs Inc” and two years before the Internet became popular.  

Party Pigs Inc., was our first Do-it-Yourself offering and we provided customers everything they needed to hold a successful pig roast. We realized pretty quickly that customers loved the idea but many wanted us to take care of the roasting so we did a LOT of research and training, added salads and became “Country Catering” in 1993. 

Not long after, Gary and his “Just for Fun” bandmates – his uncle Dave, his brothers Tony and Ron and friend Marc Quesnelle – decided to plan an event where they could play and party with friends. A pig roast sounded like a perfect way for the guys to feed a large crowd and not be tied to the grill. Gary’s yard was spacious enough for a stage and a lot of people.  With all the elements in place, the “MacAvalley” party was born. 

Gary credits the incredible success of the early parties to our catering, but we gladly share the credit with the band – they were REALLY good. The guys were also great hosts. This was a FUN party and everyone wanted to be included. 


Our team catered the MacAvalley Party from 1994 – 1999. During that period, we devoted a lot of time and energy into strengthening both our catering and DIY offerings. By 2000, both services had evolved significantly so Gary decided to retire the band and take on the grilling himself. He has continued with our DIY option for the last 25 years while our team moved over to catering his corporate events. 

This year’s party celebrated two major milestones; Gary’s birthday and the 30th anniversary of the MacAvalley Party. Held on June 29th, 2024, the guests enjoyed a gorgeous summer day and a perfectly roasted pig, courtesy of our friend Gary. 

Just wanted to say thank you very much for everything again, everything was excellent. The sauces were fantastic and than you so much for sneaking in that jug of maple syrup.

Congratulations Gary and Happy Birthday! We appreciate your loyalty and thoroughly enjoy your company. We are looking forward to many more successful MacAvalley celebrations. 

If you are looking for a fun way to feed a large crowd this summer, consider a DIY pig roast from Shaws Catering. We provide everything you need to have a successful event. Please visit our website for more information www.shawscatering.com 

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