Early Fall Wedding in Springwater

A magical transformation of an outbuilding into a gorgeous wedding reception. A pleasure to cater this early fall wedding in Springwater.

Lakeside Wedding in Hawkestone


Hawkestone is our home. So it was a special treat for us to cater this lakeside wedding for our long-time friends. And, WOW, what a wedding!

Rama Daycare End of Summer BBQ

We start September with our cutest event of the year! An ice cream bar on our custom bbq buffet generated LOTS of smiles.

Port Stanton Wedding

Guests enjoy the custom bbq buffet. The serpentine shape allows guests on both sides, so everyone enjoys a hot meal

Descendents of the Stanton family are wed on the beautiful shores of Sparrow Lake. Impressive family history and a fantastic wedding.

HJV Equipment Company Picnic

The gorgeous gardens surrounding a potato farm near Shelburne made a very welcome spot for the annual company picnic for HJV Equipment.

Webers Staff Appreciation Event 2022

Sun sets on the Webers staff enjoying their roast pig dinner under the tent

For 13 years Shaws Catering has provided a hot roast pig dinner to the awesome staff at Webers – the home of Ontario’s most famous burgers.