A DIY Retirement

From the moment we met Kent, we knew his DIY retirement would be something special.  Affectionately known by our team as “the guy with a trailer on a trailer”, Kent is clearly a think ahead kind of guy and you’d have to be to teach high school for 29 years. 

Teachers are key to our future. They inform young minds, they inspire, they support, and they introduce kids to opportunities they may have never considered. People like Kent spend the entire day with teenagers. To do that for 29 years takes a special kind of person so let’s take  a minute to give Kent our thanks! Thanks Kent. 

It looks like Kent put on a fantastic DIY pig roast for friends and family. While his methods of stoking the fire in the BBQ might be a little unorthodox, you cannot argue with the end result. We consider Kent a double hero – clearly a BBQ hero for feeding this crowd so well and an all-round hero for a 29 year career in teaching. 

Congratulations Kent on your retirement and thank you for sharing your event with us. 

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