Celebration of Life in Kilworthy

We were honoured to be included as caterer when this family came together for a celebration of life in Kilworthy. The family gathered on a very large and beautiful property with space to play.  Celebrations included live music, volleyball, and a bouncy castle with a water slide. It was a fantastic atmosphere and the children, in particular, had a really great time in the large yard. 

Kilworthy is located midway between Washago and Gravenhurst, just east of Highway 11 near Kashe Lake.  One of the great advantages of our transportable bbq’s is that we can bring our catered buffet right to our customer’s home. Our customers benefit by being able to hold their event in an extremely intimate, comfortable and memorable setting. We benefit because we have really happy customers and we get to enjoy some beautiful parts of Ontario, like Kilworthy. 

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