End of the Telford Line

One of the most interesting parts of catering is the new unique locations we are lucky to enjoy each week. This fun wedding was at the very end of Telford line. Even though it is quite close to our home, we had not been out there before. The wedding introduced us to a beautiful part of Severn Township and some really wonderful guests.

In terms of the wedding – the day was perfect! Our team at Shaws Catering prepared a whole roast pig and maple grilled chicken, feeding 70 happy guests. 

We’d like to send our congratulations to the happy couple as well as our thanks for introducing us to this lovely spot in Severn Township.  

If you have a fabulous spot that you would like to use to host a fully catered bbq buffet for your next social event, please give us a call or start a booking. We’d love to come see your space and help make your event a success!  

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