Farm Wedding in Vasey

On the day that summer turned to fall and day equalled night, Craig and Michaela exchanged vows before friends and family at this beautiful farm wedding in Vasey.  And where exactly, might you ask, is Vasey? Vasey is a small community south of Midland, east of Coldwater and north of Mt. St. Louis. The farmland is spectacular, especially in autumn.

The day was warm, the sky was blue and Craig and Michaela’s 170 guests were delighted to be treated to a Shaws Catering buffet that included roast pork, macaroni & cheese, maple carrots, baby potatoes, and Caesar salad. Simply perfect for fall. To top it off, guests enjoyed Shaw’s maple butter tarts, cupcakes and fresh fruit for dessert. 

We would like to send our heartfelt congratulations to Michaela and Craig!! Thank you for including us in your wedding celebration, it was beautiful! 

If you are thinking of having a fall wedding or celebration, we would love to treat your guests with a fully catered bbq buffet. We are currently booking for 2024 AND 2025. Please visit our website or call (705)-327-3311 for more information. 

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