Let’s Go Girls!!

Last weekend, Terri Lynn, Carley, Chelsea, and Becca took a rare break from catering to join about 50,000 other fans at Burls Creek for the 2022 Boots and Hearts Festival. 

It has been two years since the last Boots and Hearts festival and this one was especially memorable. During the event, an approaching storm triggered an emergency alert and evacuation order. Rain, wind and lightening quickly followed.  Our girls got drenched. 

Undeterred, our team stuck it out and returned to the grounds about an hour later when they were rewarded with a 90 minute set from Shania Twain.  “Honey, I’m home!!”  

Click HERE to see more photos and read the event summary from Orillia Today.  Main photo courtesy of Shania Twain on Twitter. 

Hope it was a fun night ladies!! You’re the BEST! 


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