Rama Daycare End of Summer BBQ

We start September with our CUTEST event of the summer at the Rama Daycare End of Summer BBQ. Held on the Rama First Nations multi-purpose event grounds, children were treated to a fun day of outdoor activities, including bouncy castles and opportunities to build-a-bear. The arrival of the firetruck added even more excitement and we were delighted to add to the fun with the inclusion of an ice cream bar on our bbq buffet. It was hard to say who had the most fun – the children, the firemen or the Shaws Catering team! Chi-miigwech for including us in this VERY fun and incredibly cute event. 

About Rama 

The Chippewas of Rama First Nation are known as the ‘people of the deer’ and were originally part of the larger Chippewas of Lake Simcoe and Lake Huron community. The traditional lifestyle of the Chippewa involved following deer herd movements in fall and winter across the West, North and East of Ontario. In the summer, the Chippewas would settle in places now known as Atherley, Orillia and Coldwater. In the 1830’s, approximately 10,000 acres between the Narrows, where Lakes Simcoe and Couchiching meet, and Coldwater were set aside by the Crown in an effort to settle the Chippewas as farmers. This act would separate the large community into three smaller bands. These three First Nations continue to enjoy a strong relationship today, working effectively to develop their community and reclaim land from the federal government. Committed to upholding the traditions of the past, Rama’s annual Powwow draws thousands of people each year, reaching a record 6,000 visitors just last week at the 2022 Powwow.. 

Every Child Matters

Our team had a wonderful day with the children and staff at Rama daycare. But it is impossible to fully embrace the smiles and laughter of children on a sunny summer day and ignore the many memorials on the Rama First Nation property. A reminder to us all of the pain this community has had to endure and the strength and resilience they employ as they work to create a happy and fruitful future for their children. Again, we were honoured to be a part of this day. Thank you once more for including us. Chi-miigwech!

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