Shaws Re-opens with COVID Protections

As we move into the middle of the 2021 Maple Season, we are very excited as Shaws re-opens with COVID protections in place to protect our customers and staff from the spread of COVID-19. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on family-run businesses across Ontario and ours is no exception. Last spring we closed our doors abruptly and protective measures imposed by the government made it impossible for us to invite guests back in for most of the 2020 Maple Season. While it looks like government mandates will continue to impact our operations during the 2021 Maple Season, we have modified some of our operations to make it possible for more guests to safely enjoy the taste of maple. 

Enjoying the taste of maple while keeping our guests safe

This season we have two conflicting but equally important priorities:  letting as many guests as possible enjoy the delicious taste of maple and keeping everyone safe from COVID-19.  To meet this challenge our team has come up with some pretty innovative ideas as Shaws reopens with COVID protections. 

At the end of February, Terri Lynn and her team started offering take out breakfast.  Guests could drive up, give us their order and we would deliver it to their car. It was definitely a first for us, but it was well received by our guests. To view our pancake house menu, click HERE.

As the province moves into the “red” zone, less protection will be necessary and we are looking forward to being able to offer dine-in service for a limited number of guests.  When the weather cooperates, we will expand the number of guests we can serve by moving tables and chairs to the parking lot where we will offer outdoor dining. 

Through the pandemic, Tom has been making as much syrup as the trees will allow and he hopes to be on track for a normal year of syrup production. Customers are able to come into the Maple Tree’t shop one group at a time to purchase syrup. 

While the COVID protective measures have temporarily stopped the horse-drawn wagon rides, the marked walking trail is open for guests to use and it gives families a fun outdoor activity to do together. It’s enough of a walk to be exercise and the information boards along the way make it interesting.  With families restricted in the number of places to visit, we hope our guests consider a trip to the sugar bush a refreshing and fun outing. 

Thank you for your support! 

We appreciate all the support the community has shown us during the pandemic. This has been such a strange and very difficult time for everyone and we look forward to a time where fewer COVID protective measures are necessary and we can enjoy the delicious taste of maple together again, worry free.   

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Shaws reopens with COVID protections - Tom drills new taps for 2021 season
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