The Ferguson’s East Oro Wedding

Love is sweet!! At least the love between Earlene and Josh Ferguson is sweet. From the special stone Josh installed in the trees for their wedding vows to the maple syrup favours they made from their own maple trees, everything about this intimate wedding was personal and very, very sweet. We LOVE sweet, so it was our absolute pleasure to be included as caterers at the Ferguson’s wedding at their East Oro home. 

More than a little attention to detail together with some well placed decorations, crisp white linens and lovely fresh flowers transformed Josh’s new shop into a beautiful reception venue. It was extremely welcoming and it provided great warmth on a crisp fall day. Earlene and Josh treated their guests to a delicious buffet featuring slow roasted prime rib, baby potatoes, maple baby carrots, warm pasta, seasonal vegetables and Caesar salad.  After dinner, the Soundqwest team took over and got this happy crowd dancing.

Every time we do a wedding like the Ferguson’s, we are reminded of how lucky we are to be able to prepare a fresh hot meal right on our customer’s property.  We know how much it means to create such special memories at home with family and friends. Love is sweet. Thank you Earlene and Josh for including us in your special day. Our heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to you both. 


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