Webers Staff Appreciation Event 2022

Since 1963, the staff at Webers have been flipping burgers and serving hot dogs to thousands of travellers heading to, and from, cottage country. It is a busy job. The flow of customers can be non-stop and some days it is unbearably hot. But the hard work has made Webers an Ontario landmark and a not-to-be-missed destination. 

For the past 13 years, Shaws Catering has been honoured to provide a bbq buffet featuring a freshly roasted pig at the annual Webers staff appreciation event. Management at Webers close the doors early on the third Tuesday in August so that everyone can enjoy some time together before a number of the staff head back to school. It’s a great thing for an employer to do and every year it is appreciated and well attended.  We were thrilled to be included again in 2022 and we hope everyone had a great time!

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