Zephyr Tent Wedding

Saturday was well over 30 degrees making it a decidedly HOT June day. It was the kind of day you wish for in winter. On this sunny Saturday, we headed to Zephyr for a tent wedding. 

The property was gorgeous and the rolling hills provided an intimate and picturesque setting. Our gracious hosts offered the soothing shade of some large trees so the Shaws Catering team could work the BBQ’s with relief from the heat. They also provided a lovely shady spot for our buffet. It was wonderful for our team to be a part of these celebrations. 

The transportability of our bbq’s allow us to cater meals for large groups in a wide variety of locations. We are especially pleased when we can help families take advantage of their property and hold memorable and personal events at home. There is nothing quite like a bbq in summer! 

If you have never been, Zephyr is a small community in Uxbridge Township located just south of Lake Simcoe. It’s another beautiful part of Ontario!   

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