A DIY Volunteer Appreciation Event

We love a good bbq. There is something really disarming about being outside, mingling with friends, and enjoying the aroma of cooking on hot coals. That kind of atmosphere always seems to put people at ease.  We’ve seen how a bbq can connect people, build teams, and show people they are appreciated. Clearly, the folks at Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre feel the same because they picked a Shaws Catering DIY pig roast for their recent DIY volunteer appreciation event. 

About the Wye Marsh

The Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre encompasses 3,000 acres of “Provincially Significant” wetlands and woodlands just outside of Midland Ontario. Wetlands that make up a large part of the Wye Marsh provide a crucial habitat for waterfowl, wildlife and plants. More than 600 species of wildlife in Canada rely on the wetland ecosystem for survival. Wetlands also provide important environmental functions like minimizing floods, filtering water, preventing erosion and preserving water. Last, but certainly not least, the wetlands and woodlands at Wye March provide a wonderful place for recreation, exploration, and education.

Originally established in 1969 as a nature centre operated by Environment Canada, the Wye Marsh Nature Centre has been run as a not-for-profit operation by the Friends of the Wye Marsh (FWM) since 1985.  As a charitable organization, the Marsh depends on volunteers to provide many of their services including outdoor education programs, guided tours, and animal monitoring. 

The Dynamic Pig Roast Duo

Last week, Johanna and Paul took the lead in preparing a top-notch pig roast to say thank you to over 100 of the Marsh’s volunteers. Teamwork makes the dream work. and the pictures show that these two did a lovely job preparing the meal. Way to go Johanna and Paul, two of our newest bbq Heros! 

If you are interested in volunteering at the Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre, please click HERE. If you would like to help the centre with a donation or adopt an animal, please click HERE

If you would like to become a BBQ Hero and try a DIY Pig Roast, please visit our website or call (705) 327-3311.

Thanks to Johanna and Paul for sharing their story, we hope you have a great summer! 

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