Beaverton Barn Wedding

When the catering team has a great time, you know it’s an awesome wedding! This weekend the Shaws Catering team had an absolute blast at a barn wedding in Beaverton. 

Blue skies, sunshine and cornfields surrounded the happy couple as they exchanged vows in front of friends and family.  When the time was right, the group moved into the barn which had been transformed by lights and linen into the perfect place for dinner and dancing. 

The Shaws Catering team provided a custom buffet that featured barbecued beef and chicken breasts. While the aroma of the grill created a special ambience to the day, it was Blair Stephens from Large and In Charge who really set the tone for the wedding. If you are from the Beaverton area, you are probably familiar with Blair’s skills. As DJ, Blair read the crowd perfectly and delivered exactly what was needed for a fun, upbeat and happy event.  Blair belted out the tunes from just behind our carving station and, at one point, our catering team and the guests became so connected in the music, words were no longer necessary.  A simple point or one word request was all we needed to give the customer what they wanted as guests and staff alike laughed and danced to the beat. Happiness everywhere. 

The portability of our bbq’s lets us provide our custom bbq buffet at a wide range of locations and we were thrilled to be able to be a part of this barn wedding in Beaverton. Our congratulations to the happy couple! 

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