Hand-Binding Ceremony Near Baxter

Friends and family of this lovely couple joined together on a sunny Saturday to witness their hand-binding in a lovely ceremony on a spectacular property near Baxter Ontario. 

Hand-binding or hand-fasting is an ancient Celtic tradition that dates as far back as 7000 BC. In the ceremony, hands are tied together as a symbol of the binding of two lives. It is beautiful. Hand-binding can indicate an engagement or it can be used as a marriage ceremony.  Our congratulations to the happy couple. 

We were honoured to be included in this lovely event and felt very much at home as we prepared and served our bbq buffet in the shade of a gorgeous maple tree. Given our family’s extensive history with maple syrup, it seemed like a very natural fit for us. 

Our team was particularly pleased to have corn on the cob available on the buffet for the first time this year. Our friends at Country Produce make sure we get the best produce, including the best corn, and they certainly delivered for us again today.

It was also great to visit the Baxter area. Baxter is another lovely part of Simcoe County. Located just south west of Barrie and slightly east of Base Borden, Baxter is home to some really lovely countryside. 

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