Connected to the Land

In this January 2021 episode of Connected to the Land, Tom talks to host Ian Sherwood and answers all his questions about maple syrup including:

  • How long has the Shaw family been making maple syrup?
  • Can you make maple syrup at home?
  • How do you make maple syrup?
  • Is it possible to make syrup from other non-maple trees?
  • Is maple syrup organic?

and many, MANY more! Its an in-depth and honest discussion about Canada’s sweetest natural resource. 

The Connected to the Land Podcast is a bi-weekly podcast exploring what it means to be meaningfully connected to the land in a 21st century Canada. Host Ian Sherwood talks to homesteaders, farmers, gardeners and others to discover how people interact with the natural world and how we all are connected to the land. 

As a farmer and maple syrup producer, Tom is VERY connected to the land. His family has been farming and making maple syrup in Oro-Medonte for over 100 years and he, together with his wife Terri-Lynn, are the fifth generation owners of Shaws Maple Syrup and Shaws Catering.  Each year, Terri-Lynn and Tom spend their late winter and early spring making maple syrup and treating guests to all sorts of maple goodies in their Pancake House. During summer and fall, the couple farms, caters BBQ events of all sizes and supports Canada’s largest DIY pig roast operation. It is a busy life but one that is most certainly connected to the land. 

Click here to listen to the podcast. We hope you enjoy it. 

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