County of Simcoe Staff Appreciation

The County of Simcoe is the second largest county in Ontario by population and third by geography. They are one of the largest employers in the region and their staff provide a wide range of services including homes for the aged, forest management, and public housing, to name just a few. With 2,000 staff spread across nearly 5,000 square kilometres, the County of Simcoe holds five separate staff appreciation events at different locations in an effort to include as many staff as possible.  

Shaws Catering has had the distinct honour of helping the incredible team at the County of Simcoe with their staff appreciation events since 2009.  It’s always refreshing to see the effort the County makes for their staff. This year we had the pleasure of working with Jen, Michelle, Makayla, and Heidi who did all they could at each event to make it a fun and memorable experience. 

Starting June 12 at Trillium Manor and ending on July 11 at Simcoe Manor, we experienced all kinds of weather and fun interactions as we provided a right-off-the-grill bbq meal to all the staff that were able to join us. 

Trillium Manor - June 12, 2023

Our first staff appreciation event at Trillium Manor in Orillia delivered rain, and lots of it. But the Manor had a wonderful indoor space for people to mingle and enjoy their bbq lunch. Not a lot of fun for Tom to cook in the rain but he kept a smile on his face the whole time. We always appreciate his great spirits and the County of Simcoe staff enjoyed a nice taste of summer on a rainy day. 

Georgian Manor - June 19, 2023

The weather made a significant improvement when we travelled to Georgian Manor in Penetanguishine for the second of five County of Simcoe staff appreciation days. Many employees from a range of service areas joined in for a fresh bbq and stuck around to challenge themselves with a little bowling and hockey accuracy.

Administrative Centre - June 20, 2023

Our biggest event was the third of five staff appreciation days, held at the administrative centre in Midhurst. Sunshine and blue skies provided a seriously hot day. The crowds kept the atmosphere light and the Shaws Catering team comprised of Leah, Madi, Ainsley, Sherri, Terri Lynn, and Tom completely embraced the heat and did a great job satisfying this large group. 

Sunset Manor - June 26, 2023

The rain returned on June 26th at the fourth of five staff appreciation events held at Sunset Manor in Collingwood. Lucky for us, The Manor had a great overhang where we could set up and serve the buffet and still keep everyone dry.

Simcoe Manor - July 11, 2023

A beauty of a day for our last County of Simcoe staff appreciation event at Simcoe Manor in Beeton. A very special day for our team with a visit from Basil Clarke. Basil was elected by his peers on council to be the Warden of the County of Simcoe for 2023 and 2024.  The site also allowed Ainsley to reminisce about the time she spent here at Georgian College before she graduated from the Pre-Service Fire Education and Training program. Like the County of Simcoe, we are always grateful for the incredible team we have at Shaws Catering. Hard working, fun, and determined to please our guests, we couldn’t ask for more!!

Our day at Simcoe Manor was absolutely lovely. A nice shady spot for people to enjoy the buffet. We even got to take a look at the site for the new Simcoe Village Campus.  

A big thanks to the County of Simcoe for including us in your staff appreciation events. We hope everyone enjoyed their bbq and we look forward to seeing you again next summer. 

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