Emily & Cody’s Farm Wedding

Emily always said that one day she would have a farm, a horse and Shaws Catering at her wedding.  We were overjoyed to see it all come true this past weekend at Emily and Cody’s farm wedding in Severn Township. 

You see, Emily is one of our OG staff. She joined us in elementary school and she stayed with us all through high school and post-secondary school. She really helped us build our business. At the same time, we watched her mature into a lovely young lady and celebrated as she became a Registered Nurse.  To be a part of her wedding to Cody on their beautiful farm was extremely special for us. 

It was an amazing wedding.  Guests arrived to a lovely farm setting. Tall trees, green yards and expansive fields under a bright blue sky. The shop was transformed by white linens, white flowers and lights into an enticing reception area. The horse trailer was cleverly converted into a bar.  Hay bales in different shapes and sizes created both an impressive towering backdrop and a perfect place to spread blankets and enjoy the ceremony. Given her experience in catering, Emily knew exactly what to serve on our bbq buffet. Guests enjoyed roast pig, grilled chicken, maple baked beans, potato salad, caesar salad, coleslaw and hot vegetarian pasta.  Even Aggi and Lou, dressed in white tutu’s, enjoyed this incredible day. Our heartfelt congratulations to Emily and Cody! 


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