Miller Waste 2023 Staff Appreciation Event

Our team at Shaws Catering was delighted to return again in the summer of 2023 to provide a hot bbq buffet lunch to this hard working crew at the annual Miller Waste Staff Appreciation Event. For us, it’s nice to be able to thank the people who provide such an essential service across Simcoe County. Plus, we are always impressed by Miller Waste’s commitment to their employees. When they say “there is no higher priority than our people”, they mean it, Serving lunch, the Shaws Catering team can see how much the staff appreciate the gesture of recognition and the chance to share experiences with colleagues over a hot lunch. What a great feeling.  

As we have mentioned in previous posts, Miller Waste is a family owned and operated business that has enjoyed impressive growth. Since the company started in the early 1960’s, Miller Waste has expanded from just two trucks managing waste in Markham to a fleet of 1,200 managing waste in four provinces. The company has also diversified its operations to reflect their commitment to the environment. Every year, Miller Waste processes over 200,000 tonnes of recyclable material, making sure the materials that can be reprocessed are turned into functional, recycled products.  In addition, Miller Waste diverts organic material from landfill sites and composts these materials into useful and marketable landscape products.

On this lovely August day, it was our pleasure to serve the Simcoe County team a hot lunch featuring a roast hip of beef, chicken breasts, Caesar salad, potato salad, boarding house macaroni salad, and coleslaw. What a delicious way to end a shift.

As always, a big thank you to the team at Miller Waste for including us in your staff appreciation event. We love to see firsthand how a little organization and a relatively small investment goes such a long way in terms of employee satisfaction and team building. 

If you would like to hold a catered staff appreciation event for your hard working team, we’d be happy to help.  Please visit our website for more details or call us at 705-327-3311. 

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