Wedding at the Oro World Fair

The first day of fall found us at the grounds of the Oro World Fair for Lindsay and Hunter’s wedding. They celebrated in style with 120 guests on an unusually warm day that felt more like July than September. Sunshine, blue skies, friends and family all set the scene for a perfect wedding. 

We LOVE the Oro World Fair.  An institution that dates back over 160 years, the Oro Fair has been around almost as long as our family has been farming in Oro Township. For generations, the Oro Fair presented an opportunity to showcase produce and livestock from nearby farms as well as functional crafts like quilting, baking and needlepoint. The Fair fostered community by creating a chance for people to come together, share experiences, learn, and improve. It was one of the biggest social events of the year and it would draw people from all over Oro Township. 

The feeling of community, history, nature and family still emanates from the Fair and the simple, but beautiful, way they used their space was reminiscent of the practical approach our ancestors had to life. Both the ceremony and the reception were held in the charmingly decorated barn. Guests were delighted to get out of the sun and enjoy the breeze created by the open barn doors.  

Our thanks to Lindsay and Hunter for including us in their special day, we loved every minute. Congratulations to you both and all the best for a happy life together.  

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Sherry, Tom and Shari enjoy a minute with the Oro World's Fair sign at the end of the day

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