Heritage Estate Wedding

The unseasonably warm weather was icing on the cake for this incredibly picturesque fall Heritage Estate wedding in Barrie.

Wedding at the Oro World Fair

We enjoyed the feelings of family, community and history we felt as Lindsay and Hunter celebrated their wedding at the Oro World Fair.

Farm Wedding in Vasey

Craig and Michaela picked a perfect first day of fall for their beautiful farm wedding in Vasey. Beautiful day, delicious meal, fun memories!

Wedding at Saulaine

For us, visiting Saulaine was like finding a hidden gem and it provided a wonderful setting for this lovely Latvian wedding.

Severn River Wedding

Danielle and Dylan enjoyed a perfect August day for their wedding on the Severn River. Shaws Catering was delighted to be a part of it!

Always Fresh at Quayle’s Brewery

We’re back for another July wedding at Quayle’s Brewery. No matter how often we come it’s always a FRESH experience at this awesome location.

A July Wedding at Quayle’s Brewery

Blue skies, open space, and green hops growing in the background all provided a gorgeous backdrop for this July wedding at Quayle’s Brewery.

Our Last Wedding of 2022

A fitting end to an incredible season! Our last wedding of 2022 at Evergreen Acres Farm where we catered their first wedding in June.